January 2011


2011 will bring the biggest changes yet to Discovery Bay and Discovery Hills.  We will most likely have six permanent residents and one home who’s residents will be living in Panama part time.

We have numerous improvements scheduled for the infrastructure portions of the plots.  We will be adding additional walkways and landscaping along with fruit bearing plants.

I am personally very proud of what our Artisans, Indian Crews, have accomplished.  If I had anticipated just how difficult it is to build here I may not have started and just looked for a completed residence to hang my hat.  Since starting this project I won”t turn back now until I can see it to completion.

It”s time to update where we are with regard to progress in Discovery Bay and Discovery Hills.

Discovery Bay Lot #2, the Marial House, we are waiting on delivery of flooring and siding.  Mary and Al Hackney are due to arrive in Bocas mid January to work with Russell, our project manager, to finalize the finishing of their home.

Lot #3, Paula and Bill Tucker”s home, is well on the way to completion.  We have a small portion of siding to complete, build the stairs to the second floor bar and master bedroom and finish the interior.  As JJ updates the web site you can follow the progress.

Lot #4 is the Parker Residence and Deb and Mark are permanent residents of Discovery Bay.  Mark is in the process of building a wooden kayak and Deb is continually planting in Discovery Bay and Discovery Hills.  Her landscaping work along with the new walkways makes it such a joy for me to visit.

Lot #6, Jim Donavan, is completely finished and his home is awaiting Jim”s return mid January after some surgery in the US.

Lot #8, JJ and Mike Rudd, is progressing on their schedule.  It looks like they may be making their permanent move in 2011.  We have a little siding to finish, the access stair to install and then begin the inside finish process.  I am very excited for them as it now appears their dream is coming to fruition.

Lots 1, 5 and 7 are presently available for anyone wishing become an expat member of our communities.  You can contact us with the contact button associated with this site for further information regarding Discovery Bay.

In Discovery Hills Deb Parker has done an outstanding job of landscaping and our Indian crew has built a lovely walkway from Harmony House Bridge to the Island Hideaway.  See Tour the Grounds page.

Lots 9 and 11 are presently available for custom homes for those wanting to make the move to Panama.

Lot #10 is Russell”s Roost.  This is the project manager”s residence and he is getting very close to completion.

Lot #12 is the Island Hideaway which now belongs to Michael Luna and Terre Johnson.  They were here late December to finalize the finish work.  See our page on the site for this unique residence.

Lot #13, Harmony House, is sitting on hold as we finish the projects we have started.  If someone were interested in assuming the build at the point she is presently, please contact us for further details.

Thanks for visiting our web site.

Capt. Ron

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