About Us



Discovery Hills is a five acre plot that is joined to Discovery Bay’s northern boundary.  We are approximately twice the size of Discovery Bay.  We have rolling hills and therefore the name Discovery Hills.  We have five homes started in the Discovery Hills sector with an additional two planned. Presently none of the five residences are dried in and are in various stages of their build.

Harmony House is the southern most residence in Discovery Hills and only a bridge crossing away from Discovery Bay to the east side of the Parker Residence in Discovery Bay.  When this parcel was purchased in 2004 I had a vision of a bridge from Discovery Bay to Discovery Hills.  That structure is now a reality.  There are plans for a gardening center for Discovery Hills and Discovery Bay residents with an elevated walkway to prevent destruction of our plantings.  Discovery Hills is situated 3.7 nautical miles from Bocas del Toro making access by Panga approximately a 12 minute ride.  We have three valleys that converge in the gardening area which funnel the wonderful northwesterlies into our residences.

It is my desire that when we are finished building, visitors can come and enjoy the serenity of Discovery Hills, meet the several artists who will be living here and relax in the planned organic coffee shop.  Our boat slips are accessed through Discovery Bay Development on the very protected Discovery Bay.  If there ever was a consideration for the perfect hurricane hole, Discovery Bay stands to all challenges!

It all started when my dear friend Bruce Quayle, who sailed to Bocas del Toro some six years ago, returned to Naples for a visit.  I ran into Bruce and asked where he was now living. When he said the Republic of Panama I couldn’t begin quizzing him fast enough.  I had looked at numerous possibilities for a point of relocation upon retirement and none had really struck a nerve. I told Bruce I would see him in Bocas Town December 2004.

Upon my arrival to Bocas I became enamored with the emulation of Key West 1961.  I spent several weeks in Bocas with my original partners during the rainy season looking at numerous properties.  Bruce drove us around in a Panga for miles and miles.  Three days before we were to return to Naples he sat me down to see if we could formulate a plan to relocate.  I was so confused after looking at all the raw and very beautiful land parcels.  Bruce made a statement that caused me to purchase what is now Discovery Hills. He said, “fuel will never get any less expensive and just how long of a ride do you want in your Panga during the rainy season?”

Discovery Hills was originally planned to be phase two and three of the Discovery Bay development.  Bruce was the developer and offered my partners and I these two phases as we had previously shown no interest in the building lots in Discovery Bay.  We were looking to spread out a bit and utilize the land for other purposes other than residential only applications and food production.  We made the original agreement in December 2004 to purchase Discovery Hills, then known as Discovery Bay phases 2 and 3.  We returned to Bocas in April 2005 to finalize our agreement.  Harmony House was conceived in December 2004.  After signing papers to purchase Discovery Hills I had a vision of a bridge from Harmony House into Discovery Bay for access to our Discovery Hills boat slips.  That bridge is now a reality and is to be named Gilbert Trestle.  As you may have guessed Harmony and Gilbert have some importance in my life and my partner”s life.  Gilbert is my adopted son, a grey male tabby cat belonging to my partner.  Harmony was my tortoise shell Persian cat who spent the last seven of her fifteen years on Gone With The Wind, my Catalina 34 sailboat.  Gone With The Wind was my transportation to paradise. Harmony is irreplaceable and therefore will be honored with the name of our residence in Discovery Hills.  She will reside at Harmony House in her small urn adorned with blue doves, with instructions to mix our ashes and spread us across Bahia Alimirante when I make that final voyage.  Gilbert will be turning Harmony House upside down in the near future and harassing the gentle calm Panama Mick.

Hopefully those who visit this site derive some enjoyment from its existence.  Lots of miles were crossed and many plans formulated to arrive in such a lovely spot of the world.  Come visit us and just see the wonders we have found. Enjoy our pristine rain forest and numerous feathered and furry friends in Discovery Hills.

Please enjoy this site as we continue our progress at Discovery Bay.

Capt. Ron