Parker Residence

January 2011 Update from Mark & Deb:

We moved into our new home on Christmas eve 2009. After one full year of living here, we have found that our solar system was just about perfect – we only have spent ~$100 on gasoline for the generator and all of that in November & December. The water system has been more than adequate allowing free use of water without ever coming close to running out. The layout and accommodations are great. We use every room every day and still have space for house guests. We imported a partial container of household goods under the pensionado program and now the house really feels like out home. We had a big party (~30 guests) on Christmas day and everyone was very impressed with our house and with Discovery Bay in general. We are looking forward to other houses being completed and having neighbors other than parrots and orapendula!


This home is well under way. We are in the process of completing the siding and have called our plumber and electrician in for the rough-ins. Deb and Mark Parker are enroute to Naples, Florida for a refit of their catamaran and hope to return to Bocas soon for the finalization of the inside detail work.