Rudd Residence

The Rudd Residence is well under way.  This residence is owned by a couple from California.  They had an unusual request in that they did not wish to cut the mangrove trees in front of their residence.  Instead, they wanted their floor level with the top of the mangroves.  You will note in the pictures that our Indian crew made a superstructure from cement as they prefer not to elevate the structure greater than twelve feet using the Nispero 6X6 columns.

JJ and Mike also asked that our crew form a gazebo breakfast nook on the southeast corner of the residences deck.  This presented numerous situations with regard to installation of the roof rafters, tin and rain gutters. The Indians spent hours fabricating the gutter connectors by utilizing two straight connectors to make one angled connector. Quite an undertaking when you consider the big boss did not read a tape measure ten years ago. The crew is completing the tin installation and decking. The Rudds are due to arrive in Bocas mid January 2009 to work on the finalization details of their build. It will be a great pleasure to finally meet this wonderful couple and share a long awaited cocktail with them.